How to redeem Google Play Gift Card in Bangladesh

Redeem Google Play Gift Card from Bangladesh and avoid VAT, follow the process bellow:

  1. Sign up for Hotspot Shield VPN service From their Official web site.
  2. Download Hostspot Shield Premium version for Free→ Google Drive Link
  3. Install Hotspot Shield and don’t open.
  4. Remove your google account from your phone. Phone Settings>Accounts & Sync >Google> Selec account and remove..
  5. Go to the VPN enter your login information that you sign-up in previous step and select a US server.
  6. Once the connection is established go to your Mobile System Settings > Accounts & Sync > Add Account.. Add Your Google Account..
  7. After adding google account successfully to System Settings > Apps.
  8. Look for Google Play Store and click on it.
  9. Force Stop the application and go to its storage section.
  10. Clear Cache and Data.
  11. Exit and relaunch Google Store.
  12. Go to Google Store’s Settings (Three lines on the top left).
  13. Tap Redeem.
  14. Enter your code.
  15. Click on Redeem.
  16. Enter Your Name
  17. Select Country USA
  18. Enter ZIP Code 29404
  19. Enter phone Number : +16312452365
  20. Now Confirm Redeem

You’ve now successfully redeemed your gift card in Bangladesh.

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If you want to avoid VAT in any Redeem method then use the Information:

  1. Name: (as you wish)
  2. Address line 1 : South Carolina Charl
  3. Addreds line 2 : (keep it blank)
  4. City: North Charleston
  5. State : South Carolina
  6. ZIP code: 29404
  7. Phone : 🇺🇸 +1 631-245-2365

Another Method:

You can change all address,ZIP code, Phone number in bowser. Login your email in browser and after that visit this Link to change the setting. Select Country as USA and change all above information. After that connect VPN already given before. Clear data and cache of google play store. Now open google play store, Go to settings>Accounts and change country to USA and confirm.. if you didn’t see USA then again conect vpn, clear cache and data of play store and do the same… Hope you successfully Redeem google play gift card and avoided TAX in any purchase…


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