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The theory is that Neanderthals were a group of humans that left Africa, survived up north and then ended up breeding with another group of humans that left Africa who ended up spawning all races except for the Africans. Fat Loss Plan vs. But — thank you Mamah, this is an awesome read. Biology, sexual selection, diet, and cultural pressures all play a role. A high surface-area to volume ratio means you would want more surface area, right? Nope for any women of any skin color. Africans actually have many sub groups that are just as different as the Chinese, Japanese and Hmong who are all Asian yet in different groups. Flair your question after you've submitted it. Doing it for an extended period of time encourages endurance; doing it hard enough encourages strength.


lol sorry dude I just don't like her at all. she always looks like she's a mile high, her face irritates me and the rest I've already said


This is when she was in her prime..great fucking body I escorted her with more weight on but at least it was before her stupid chest tattoo.. She was amazing


This is the most I've ever laughed on any porn site, includes reading comments

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